D-Link Router SetUp | Default IP, Username & Password

Having a router at home has become the basic need of everyone. If you just got the fantastic Dlink router at home, you are obviously looking for how to set up and configure it. The Dlink Router is the easiest and convenient option to choose, which provides various options. Dlink router is best to provide high-speed internet connection.

Many folks ask the Dlink service provider to set up and configure the router, but it is an easy task if you do the same. So, anyone interested to know the same, stay connected with the demonstrated details. Here we are going to elaborate on how to set up and configure the Dlink router. So let’s get started now.

D-Link Router – Setup & Configure

Connect the Router to the Modem:

  • Foremost, take the power adapter and connect it to the router. 
  • Now, take the Ethernet cable and operate it from the modem. Operate it from the WAN port available on the router, actually. The port in which Ethernet wire needs to connect is colored in yellow color. The yellow color helps to differentiate the ports from the other ones. (Keep one thing in mind, the Dlink 524 and Dlink 624 Ethernet ports are in black actually.  
  • In case anyone is using the Dlink DSL 2640T router, it has a separate DSL modem.
  • Instead of connecting the device with a different modem with the help of Ethernet cable, the user can easily connect the phone cable to the DSL port from the phone jack, which you can find behind the Dlink 2640T. 
  • Now time to wait for a few seconds to let the power and WAN status show light. 

Connect the Computer to the Network:

In this step, the computer needs to connect with the Dlink router to start working. For this, you need to follow a few steps: –

1. Wired connection

In the case of a wired connection, the Ethernet cable needs to connect with the Ethernet port positioned on the computer device and one port on the Dlink router. The Ethernet ports can come in use in the Dlink wifi router. After that, the WAN port has connected to the modem. 

2. Wireless Connection

  • In the case of wireless connection, click on the network icon shown on the screen of the system tray. 
  • Click on the network name that you have connected with the router. The name of the router is mentioned over the package configuration card that comes with the router.
  • You need to enter the password or the network key. Don’t worry about the password and network key. It has been mentioned on the configuration card already.
  • Now it is the high time when you need to hit on the “connect” tab.

Final Words:

So finally, here you come in touch with the internet connection. So if you want to set up the DLink router at home, there is no need to call the router operators from the company. You can easily and quickly get this done with the process mentioned right above.

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