How to Setup TP Link Router?

A router helps multiple PCs, androids, and various devices to connect with the one same network. You need to connect the router to the modem to get access to an internet connection. If you got a new TP-Link Router, The foremost step is to configure and set the router for the usage. However, many folks find configuring and set too challenging, but there is no big deal.

It is not too complicated to configure, set up, and use the router to attain a better speed internet connection. Those who are keen to learn how to set up the router, continue reading this article, with the details I have demonstrated right below.

What will you receive in the box?

While un-boxing the router, you will be receiving the following things:

  • The charger or router power supply
  • Manual of the device. 
  • Disc Driver 
  • USB Cable 
  • Network Cable 

How to SetUp the TP-Link Router?

Connect the Power First:

  • Please pick up the power cable and connect it with the source of power, the surge protector or the outlet.
  • Now take another end of the power cable and put it into the router’s power input. You can locate the router’s power input in the rear. 
  • Just switch on, and your router is on now to go.  

(While following the process, ensure that you have used the only charger came with the router only.)

Connect your Router with a Modem through Cable/Wire:

To avail of the local network internet connection, your router must be connected with the router.

  • First, take the wire or the Ethernet cable. 
  • Plug the one end of the Ethernet cable into the WAN (Internet) port in the rear end of your router. The port is of blue or grey color, make sure to identify well. 
  • Now, plug another end of the Ethernet cable into LAN (available Ethernet), where the modem’s rear is located. This port is Yellow.
  • This process includes connecting the router with a modem through wire or cable.

Just Log In now:

Now, open the web browser on your PC, which is connected with the router. (Web Browser are like Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer)

In the search bar over a web browser, type In case the address does not work, you can check the address from the bottom of the router. If nothing works out, one can connect through the IP address also.

If you want to know the username and password, all details have been mentioned in the rear end where the router’s address is specified. (Most of the time, the username and password are; admin and admin.) 

Set your password:

If you want to set up a password for security, you can quickly get this done. So, change the username and password also, which cannot reveal to anyone.

Final Words:

I hope now setting up the router has become more comfortable for you. So, follow each step carefully with instructions and set it up quickly to provide the best internet connection speed.

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